Friday, November 9, 2007

Rant of the day... cancer cures

From the Herald Sun's feedback section... today's expert scientific advice!

Thi report is a lot of crap I can say this on authority as I have been a cancer sufferer I coud destroy ths article line by line but ther is not enough time in this colum however one thing sticks out like a sore thumb "maximise fruit and vegetables and not bother with vitamin supplements." there is very little goodness in today's mass produced vegtables and fruit to consume the vitamins and minerals that once were in a single peach you would need today over 50 peaches . All I can say is this idiot must be paid by the drug companies. An excellent article my foot a lot of crap more like it . There is a cure for cancer and it dosn't involve drugs and it works I've proved it.

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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Rant of the day... TRAINS!

This is quite possibly one of the best rants I have ever read. Read, and be educated. From Adelaide NOW in case you're interested...

This Rail System is a complete JOKE my Husband was due to start work at 7.30am this morning he went down to the Train Station at 6.30am to catch the 6.49 train and the first train that came to pick them up was at 8.10am he arrived at work at 9.00am the speaker system keep saying the next train will be here in 10 minutes it was a very long 10 minutes who is going to work his extra hours that he will proberly have to work to make up his time or who is going to pay him if his employee docks his pay because he was late because of this stupid rail system which is always running into problems you want people to catch public transport but cant get it right. My Husband was also on the Train that derailed back a few weeks ago how nobody was injured badly nobody knows he was 2 seats away from where the signal went through the window just missing the guy sitting in that seat he said it was very scary and it could have been worse if that guy did not see the signal comming this poor guy was even given any help he had glass in him and Trans Adelaide staff were more worried about the track and looking at the train rather than caring for there passengers and helping them off the train passengers should be the number 1 poritity at first then try and fix the track and train the passengers are the ones who pay for there trip to travel by train and the condition of the trains are a disgrace I took my son into town to meet my husband for lunch during school holidays we took the train as he wanted to go by train the seats were dirty there was rubbish over the floors it smelt and you could not even see out the windows it is a disgrace to see them like this think about workers who are dressed in ther siuts or good clothinf and they have to sit on these seats and look at the mess and the smell its about time they did something about this instead of saying they are going to fix and they dont. We have traveled on the Trains in Melbourne when we have been there on holidays and there trains always ran on time the seats were clean you could see out the windows and there was no rubbish around and they didnt smell yet there is a lot more trains over there than there is here but they just cant seem to get our rail system right. My Husband and I have also traveled on trains in Sydney there trains are fantastic new and very comfortable and they run on time and dont have the problems that we have and look at the size of Sydney. All I can say get of your butts instead of sitting inyour air condition office and get out there and see what our rail system is really like and do something about it.

Posted by: Wendy of Brighton 10:03am today