Sunday, October 14, 2007

Mr Grumpy and the E-meter

Well, time to take the time-honoured principles of Scientology and apply them to to a childhood favourite - Mr Grumpy!

Mr Grumpy, as you may recall, is a very angry fellow, and hates everyone he meets. I believe "I tend to hate everyone I meet" is probably one of the questions from the standard-issue Scientology personality test, and like all such questions there is no right answer.

According to our favourite cultists, Mr Grumpy fits in at around 1.5 on the Tone scale. He is "fighting against threatened losses" and "manifests other aspects of behavior". Very specific as always.

This would suggest that Mr Grumpy is up for a 'Life Repair' course at around $6000, as a starting point, and that would be just to get him to be "Mr Disinterested"...

Not my house...

Occasionally, in the frustrating process of determining exactly what kind of houses I can't afford, I come across some particularly fine examples of home design, furnishing and maintenance, and feel that I need to share them.

Note the incredibly useful cupboards in the top of this shot. Obviously a home for those among you who are at least eight feet tall; the normal sized bed is clearly a mistake...

I'm not sure what this "room" is meant for, but I can say that I don't want to be in it.

Now impractical bathrooms are going to become a bit of a theme as you will see, however this home is clearly occupied by people who are incredibly, impractically skinny. Although they can at least use the toilet from the shower, very handy.


Hello there. I'm bored, and have decided to start this as a mouthpiece for the disordered rants that tend to get stuck in my head from time to time. Enjoy!

Mr Men need Scientology!

Those of you familiar with insane cults will no doubt have heard of Scientology, the cult par excellence for celebrities all over the planet. I will gloss over the full depths of lunacy that they go in for, however their "Tone Scale" is interesting. Essentially every emotional state is ranked and given a score to indicate how positive it is, and exactly how much money a given person needs to cough up.

Now you may also be familiar with the "Mr Men" series of children's books... I would be interested to see where each of them fit in. Now there's hundreds of the little buggers so this will be a bit of a serial... check back for more sometime soon.